Growing indoors is a no-brainer with the Critical Lime Pie. The rose will floral in 9-10 weeks and will produce about ten ounces per sq . meter. Outside the house, you will need a crissis that is just like the Mediterranean. This plant can be harvested inside the early Oct, but it is most beneficial grown inside. The average THC content of Key Lime green Pie is normally 22%, although it can get as low as 16%.

The Key Lime Pie pressure produces a normal yield of 10 to 12 ounces per sq . meter. This kind of flower will need to be harvested at the begining of October, and you might want to consider a much larger space when you are just getting going. Despite becoming a California-bred cannabis pressure, the Key Lime scale Pie hasn’t yet gained the fame of it is parent strain. Hence, this is an excellent option for reasonably skilled growers who wish a high-yielding plant.

The true secret Lime Pie strain has got two reported origins. Combusting Bush Nurseries and Green Caper Seed have unveiled their types of the cannabis plant, while using former having a mint-lime aroma and a candy-and-spice flavour. Both the crops have enjoyable effects and therefore are perfect for couch-lock smokers. You can also find phenotypes of the Key Limes in the seed sources.

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